How the Piggy Warmer Came to Be!



Piggy Warmer, home of the fleece cast socks and toe covers, were inspired by my daughter Jenn and her horse, Rex.

Piggy Warmers actually started out as Lamavady Horse Wear. We were and still are a family operation, but in those initial days we specialized in making polo leg wraps for horses. Our leg wraps were innovative because we used fleece novelty prints. Horse people and their horses loved them. 






Then one fine, late summer day Rex decided he wasn't in the mood for his daily workout. He bucked and reared and bucked again, and Jenn ended up in the hospital with a fractured leg and crushed ankle. She was in a cast for months. Cold weather set in, and Jenn complained of freezing toes. She could not use a traditional full cast sock because the cast came up behind the knee and she couldn't reach to struggle her way into it. 





 That's me, Carolyn, pictured here with my grandson, Noah. One evening I was cutting fleece for leg wraps, while Jenn kept me company with her casted leg propped on a chair. Something had to be done about her cold toes.

Inspiration! What we needed was a toe cover that would be easy for her to put on and take off herself. The polo leg wraps were set aside, and the Piggy Warmer Cast Sock was born! Friends were impressed and said I should start selling them instead of polo wraps. I listed one on eBay and within minutes it was sold.





 Piggy Warmers caught on with people sharing the discomforts of being in a cast. They have gone to friends. They have gone to The Wounded Warriors and  the Walter Reed Army Hospital. They have gone to folks in Canada and the U.K. and Switzerland and Australia. Because of Rex and Jenn, people from all over are finding relief from the cold and from people looking at their cold, bruised toes.





Thanks, Jenn and Rex!


Piggy Warmers

221 Conyngham Drums Road

Sugarloaf, PA 18249 USA

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